backlog collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbækˌlɒɡ/

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work that you should already have done, or things that you should have dealt with

Adjectives frequently used with backlog
considerable, huge, large, massive, significant, substantialPast under-investment means there is a massive backlog of repairs.
Verbs frequently used with backlog
have a backlog: face, haveI have been ill for three weeks and I have a large backlog of coursework to do.cause a backlog: cause, createThe 48-hour stoppage caused a with a backlog: clear, cope with, deal with, eliminate, reduce, tackleI got some stuff done and cleared the mail backlog in the evening but I’m still well behind.
Nouns frequently used after backlog of
applications, cases, claims, complaints, email, mail, maintenance, paperwork, repairs, workAt busy periods, a backlog of email developed due to the “external” spam checker taking so long to process messages.
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