ballot collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbælət/

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the process of voting secretly

Adjectives frequently used with ballot
types of ballot: compulsory, national, postal, presidential, secretThe whole school takes part in a secret ballot to elect one boy and one girl.first, second etc.: final, first, secondClarke finishes last, and will not go forward to Thursday’s second ballot.
Verbs frequently used with ballot
organize a ballot: conduct, hold, organize, runThe union has announced that it will conduct a ballot on strike action.demand a ballot: ask for, call for, demand, forceThe union’s conference called for a strike ballot on pay.
Nouns frequently used after ballot for
action, recognition, strikeOver 20,000 workers are considering a ballot for industrial action.
Nouns frequently used after ballot of
delegates, employees, members, membership, parents, residents, staff, tenants, union, workers, the workforceA ballot of all members will be conducted at the next meeting.
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