bankruptcy collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbæŋkrʌptsi/

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when a person or organization cannot pay what they owe

Adjectives frequently used with bankruptcy
about to happen: imminent, impending, looming, near, virtualIn 1977, the whole organization faced imminent bankruptcy.

Usage note

When someone is about to become bankrupt, you can also say that they are ‘on the verge of bankruptcy’ or ‘on the brink of bankruptcy’.

who is affected: corporate, individual, national, personalWe are currently seeing about 1,500 corporate bankruptcies a month.

Verbs frequently used with bankruptcy
be likely or certain to experience bankruptcy: face, risk, sufferHundreds of property companies may face bankruptcy this year.officially state your situation: declare, disclose, fileAt the age of 19, he became homeless, and was forced to declare bankruptcy.
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