bargain collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbɑː(r)ɡɪn/

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something costing much less than normal

Adjectives frequently used with bargain
absolute, amazing, fantastic, genuine, good, great, real, terrificYou’ll find some amazing bargains here, with up to 50% off some items.
Verbs frequently used with bargain
find or buy a bargain: bag, buy, find, get, grab, pick up, snap up, spotHave a look at our sale prices online, and grab a bargain!like getting bargains: can’t resist, like, loveIf you cant resist a bargain, this website is for you.

Usage note

Bargain is almost always in the singular in this use.

look for a bargain: hunt for, look for, search for, shop forNearby is the central marketplace, where you can hunt for bargains.

Nouns frequently used after bargain
thing that you buy: accommodation, break, buy, flight, holiday, ticketThe Travel Shop: get late deals on cheap flights and bargain holidays.amount that you pay: airfare, deal, fare, priceWe have lots of bargain deals available at the moment: click here for details.where bargains are displayed: basement, bin, bookshop, bookstore, bucketA lot of copies of the book soon ended up in the bargain bins.

an agreement between two people or organizations

Verbs frequently used with bargain
conclude, drive, make, strikeThe union will be driving a hard bargain to ensure that their demands are met.

Usage note

When people strike or drive a hard bargain, they argue their case strongly.

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