base on collocations and examples

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use particular ideas or facts as the basis for a decision, theory etc

Adverbs frequently used with base on
mostly or completely: fundamentally, heavily, largely, mainly, mostly, predominantly, primarily, principallyThe ‘evidence’ presented in the book seems to be based largely on anecdotes and conversations, rather than on any original research.using only one set of ideas: entirely, exclusively, purely, solely, whollyThe inspectors’ judgements were based solely on the students’ exam results.partly or to a considerable extent: partially, partly, substantiallyThe next chapter provides a summary, based partly on existing published data, of what we know about the organization’s aims and a general but not exact way: broadly, looselyHer novel is based loosely on a real murder case from the 19th century.
Nouns frequently used as the object of base on
an idea or belief: assumption, belief, concept, evidence, experience, fact, premise, principleOur policy is based on the assumption that the customer is always right.a study or analysis: analysis, assessment, interpretation, reading, research, review, study, surveyOur conclusions are based on a detailed analysis of the carbon content of sediments on the area’s shores and beaches.information: data, evidence, fact, findings, material, observation, sourceAll the information we offer is produced in association with the UK ’s leading scientific experts, and based on the latest research findings.
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