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 UK /ˈbjuːti/

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the quality of being beautiful or very pleasing

Adjectives frequently used with beauty
very beautiful: breathtaking, exquisite, great, incredible, outstanding, sheer, stunning, unsurpassedIslamic carpets are renowned for their great beauty and technical excellence.describing the natural world: natural, rugged, scenic, tranquil, unspoiled/unspoilt, wildGlasgow acts as the gateway to the scenic beauty of the West Coast.describing other kinds of beauty: aesthetic, ethereal, feminine, fragile, majestic, serene, stark, timelessThe image shows the fragile beauty of the young poet’s face.
Verbs frequently used with beauty
enjoy beauty: admire, appreciate, contemplate, enjoy, explorePublic rights of way allow us to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our beauty: conserve, enhance, mar, preserveThe ragged clothes couldn’t mar her beauty.describe/show beauty: capture, celebrate, extol, revealStunning images reveal the beauty and hidden complexity of strongly affected by beauty: be captivated by, be enchanted by, be entranced by, be fascinated by, be mesmerized by, be overwhelmed by, be seduced by, be smitten by, be struck by, be stunned by, be transfixed byFrom the opening bars to the last encore, the audience were captivated by the sheer beauty of her music.

a beautiful woman

Adjectives frequently used with beauty
great, ravishing, stunningAt the time of her death in 1929 she was still considered a great beauty.
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