behave collocations and examples

 UK /bɪˈheɪv/

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do things in a particular way

Adverbs frequently used with behave
comparing behaviour: differently, identically, similarlyHydrogen and oxygen gases behave the right thing: appropriately, ethically, impeccably, rationally, responsibly, sensibly, wellOur view is that the broadcasters behaved responsibly throughout.not do the right thing: aggressively, anti-socially, badly, improperly, inappropriately, irresponsibly, unprofessionally, unreasonablyI just don’t want to be surrounded by other people’s children behaving strange things: erratically, irrationally, oddly, strangely, unpredictablyRecently, I have noticed that my modem has been behaving rather erratically.
Nouns frequently used after behave with
doing the right thing: decency, decorum, dignity, integrity, restraintYou can only have sensible business arrangements with people who are trustworthy and behave with integrity.showing bravery: bravery, courage, gallantryShe behaved with the utmost courage, refusing to recognise the legitimacy of the court.respecting others’ feelings: consideration, courtesy, regardWe do ask passengers to behave with consideration for their fellows.
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