belief collocations and examples

 UK /bɪˈliːf/

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a strong feeling that something is true or good

Adjectives frequently used with belief
belief in something: Buddhist, Christian, humanist, Muslim, non-religious, pacifist, pagan, political, religious, spiritualThere are a range of exciting opportunities whatever your age, gender, race, or religious beliefs.strong belief: cherished, deeply-held, firm, long-held, passionate, strong, strongly-held, unquestioning, unshakeableWe share a passionate belief in the social purposes of adult education.wrong belief: erroneous, false, irrational, misguided, mistaken, superstitiousAntibiotic treatment is occasionally given in the mistaken belief that a sore throat is a bacterial infection.held by many people: popular, widely-held, widespreadContrary to popular belief there is no real link between Australia and New Zealand.
Nouns frequently used after belief in
afterlife, god/God, immortality, reincarnation, resurrectionThe Egyptians had a strong belief in the afterlife, which they considered to be very similar to that of the living.
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