believe collocations and examples

 UK /bɪˈliːv/

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to think that something is true

Adverbs frequently used with believe
strongly: fervently, firmly, passionately, strongly, wholeheartedlyHe believes strongly in the benefits of credit unions to local communities.sincerely: genuinely, honestly, sincerely, trulyI genuinely believe I am making a difference by being vegetarian.mistakenly: erroneously, mistakenly, wronglyHe said teenagers were taking up smoking because they wrongly believed it would help them lose weight.many people believe something: generally, widelyIt is now widely believed that climate change is resulting in wetter, colder winters and drier, hotter summers.

Usage note

Believe is usually used in the passive construction ‘it is believed that’ in these combinations.

Nouns frequently used as the object of believe
hype informal, lie, myth, promise, propaganda23 per cent of children still believe the old myth that crusts make hair curly.
Nouns frequently used after believe in
think that something exists: afterlife, fairies, ghosts, god/God, immortality, magic, miracles, reincarnation, resurrectionIn Asian cultures such as China, many people believe in reincarnation.think that something is good: democracy, equality, freedomI strongly believe in the freedom of the Press no matter who or what they are.
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