benchmark collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbentʃˌmɑː(r)k/

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a standard for judging other things

Adjectives frequently used with benchmark
good: agreed, appropriate, clear, good, important, recognized, relevant, usefulA ratio of one infection control nurse to 250 beds is a good benchmark.applying across a particular area: global, industry, international, nationalEnergy use is monitored against national benchmarks.
Verbs frequently used with benchmark
set a standard: be, become, create, define, establish, provide, represent, serve as, setBy carefully setting benchmarks, each agent’s performance can be monitored.perform in relation to a standard: achieve, exceed, meet, outperform, surpass, underperformOrganisations who would like to secure approved status would have to meet a fairly high benchmark.
Nouns frequently used after benchmark for
excellence, good/best practice, performance, quality, standards, successIt will set a benchmark for standards which other manufactures will be measured against.
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