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 UK /bet/

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an agreement in which you risk money on what will happen; the chance of something happening

Adjectives frequently used with bet
safe: best, good, safe, sureThe Conservatives are looking like a safe bet for the next election.fairly safe: fairIt’s a fair bet that he’s got something to do with this.not safe: bad, big, outside, riskyHer run of luck ended just before the biggest bet of all.Gamblers who place even riskier bets should consider seeking help.type of bet: each-way, spreadHe’s a reliable each-way bet.
Verbs frequently used with bet
make a bet: lay, make, place, putThe criminals placed bets on the dog fight.agree to a bet: accept, takeBookmakers have stopped taking bets on the race.reduce the risk of a bet: hedgeInvestors are hedging their bets in the present economic a bet: lose, winThen he did the round trip in 13 hours, and won the bet.
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