biased collocations and examples

or biassed
 UK /ˈbaɪəst/

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preferring someone or something unfairly

Adverbs frequently used with biased
very: blatantly, heavily, highly, hopelessly, obviously, severely, strongly, totallyThe whole article was heavily biased in favour of the wife.rather: a little, slightly, somewhatAs you probably realise, I am slightly biased against this a particular way: culturally, ideologically, politically, raciallyHe has criticised judges for being unrepresentative and politically biased.negatively/positively: negatively, positivelyThey believe the media are negatively biased in the way they present the its nature: inherentlyThe present system is seen as inherently biased towards the rich.unfairly: unfairlyAs a cyclist he felt that the law was unfairly biased in favour of the motorist.
Nouns frequently used with biased
opinion or report: attitude, coverage, interpretation, opinion, report, reporting, view, viewpointYes, there has to be regulation to stop biased sample, selectionA biased sample can give a misleading impression of the severity of a problem.result: resultThe survey was methodologically flawed, giving biased results.person: judge, refereeThey claim that the judge was biased.
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