bid collocations and examples

 UK /bɪd/

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an offer of a particular amount

Adjectives frequently used with bid
final, high, initial, low, opening, winningIf an item doesn’t have any initial bids that meet the reserve price, it won’t go to auction.
Verbs frequently used with bid
make a bid: make, place, prepare, put in, put together, submit, tenderFour utility companies submitted bids for the business.take back a bid: retract, withdrawYou can retract your bid under certain circumstances.agree to a bid: acceptThey have accepted our bid.not agree to a bid: rejectWe were severely disappointed that this bid was rejected.think about a bid: assess, consider, evaluateThey had considered bids from companies abroad.invite: invite, solicitBids are invited for the winWe are serious about winning the bid.

an attempt to do or get something

Adjectives frequently used with bid
successful: successfulEthical guarantees were built into the successful bid for the games.unsuccessful: failed, unsuccessfulIn 1944 there was a failed bid to liberate the city.unlikely to succeed: desperateIn a desperate bid to escape justice, they left behind five wounded officers.brave: ambitious, audacious, bold, daringThe club made a audacious loan bid.opposed by the company bid for: hostileIn June 1995 the company launched a hostile takeover bid.types of bid: comeback, election, funding, Olympic, presidential, re-election, takeoverRadio stations seem to be backing his comeback bid.
Verbs frequently used with bid
make a bid: launch, make, mountInstitutions may consider making a bid for a bid: succeed in, winThey succeeded in the takeover bid.not win a bid: fail in, loseHe lost his re-election bid for the presidency.not accept a bid: rejectHe persuaded the shareholders to reject the a bid: back, supportRemember to tell others to back their bid.
Verbs that frequently follow bid
fail, succeedHer bid for recognition finally succeeded.
Nouns frequently used after bid for
money: funding, funds, grant, moneyThree organisations submitted bids for a grant.power: domination, leadership, power, presidency, status, throneThe event seemed to some like a bid for leadership.fame: fame, glory, immortality, recognition, stardomThe cameras followed the girls as they made their bid for stardom.freedom: freedom, independenceShe made a desperate bid for freedom through an open window.
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