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 UK /bɜː(r)θ/

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the occasion or process of a baby being born

Adjectives frequently used with birth
early: premature, pretermPremature births are posing a growing burden on families and health services.of more than one baby: multiple, twinMultiple births are associated with premature and low birth-weight babies.when the baby is born alive/dead: live, stillIf the parents are not married to each other the mother can register the still birth on her own.planned/not planned: planned, unplannedThe rate of planned to unplanned out-of-hospital birth is one to of the birth: home, hospital, waterAfter that the idea of having a home birth began to seem like a real possibility.normally impossible: miraculous, virginOld religions have libraries full of parallels to the miraculous birth of Jesus.
Nouns frequently used before birth
place of the birth: home, hospital, waterAfter that the idea of having a home birth began to seem like a real possibility.
Verbs frequently used with birth
when a mother has a baby: giveShe gave birth to their first son last year.celebrate a birth: celebrate, commemorate, markNaming ceremonies are a lovely way of marking the birth of a baby.formally record or announce a birth: announce, registerShe named him Allan and his birth was registered on 14th with a birth: attendA doctor or midwife attends every birth.
Nouns frequently used after birth
at birth: attendant, complication, date, defect, name, weightBabies born to poorer families are more likely to be of low birth birth: mother, parentI am trying to trace my birth mother.of birth: certificate, control, rateThe registrar will issue a short copy birth certificate.caused by birth: injury, traumaAnd many of the women with prolonged depression had experienced some birth trauma.
Nouns + of frequently used before birth
date, moment, place, time, yearWhat is your date of birth?
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