bleeding collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbliːdɪŋ/

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process of losing blood from your body

Adjectives frequently used with bleeding
in large amounts: excessive, heavy, profuse, severeEarly symptoms of scurvy include excessive bleeding of the gums.inside the body: internalThe blood vessel ruptured, causing internal bleeding.when bleeding does not stop: persistant, prolonged, uncontrollable, uncontrolledThis condition can lead to heavy uncontrollable bleeding after surgery.
Verbs frequently used with bleeding
stop or reduce bleeding: control, prevent, reduce, staunch, stem, stopHe managed to staunch the bleeding.cause or increase bleeding: cause, increaseSometimes fibroids cause heavy bleeding or pain.experience: sufferHe was suffering internal bleeding from the rupture of a main artery.
Verbs that frequently follow bleeding
continue, persist, stopIf bleeding persists a dentist must be contacted.
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