body collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbɒdi/

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a group of people who work together and have important responsibilities

Adjectives frequently used with body
controlling an area of activity: governing, professional, regulatory, ruling, statutoryThe banking crisis results partly from the failure of the relevant regulatory bodies.providing money: awarding, fundingMost of the funding bodies mentioned here have restrictions on granting awards to overseas students.providing advice, not taking action: advisory, consultativeThe second chamber should be an advisory body only, with no significant powers.acting for a government: government, public‘Bappenas’ is the main government body for economic planning in Indonesiaof a particular type: corporate, independent, international, national, voluntary
Verbs frequently used with body
elect, establish, form, set upThis has led to more agencies forming regulatory bodies and signing up to their code of practice.

a large amount or collection of knowledge, information, work etc.

Adjectives frequently used with body
considerable, growing, large, substantial, vastThere is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that, when used well, ICT can raise attainment.
Nouns frequently used after body of
evidence, knowledge, literature, material, opinion, research, workThe conclusions of this report are drawn from a large body of research from academic institutions all around the world.
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