bond collocations and examples

 UK /bɒnd/

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a relationship of love or duty

Adjectives frequently used with bond
strong: close, strong, unbreakableHis classmates do not make any fuss over him and there is a strong bond between him and his classmates.of a particular type: common, emotional, social, specialThe two familes were drawn together by a common bond of affection and sympathy.
Verbs frequently used with bond
form a bond: create, develop, establish, forge, formChildren can form strong bonds with their pets.make a bond stronger: cement, strengthenOur aim is to strengthen the international bonds of friendship with the working people of all countries.break or weaken a bond: break, loosen, weakenHe also believed that unfaithfulness or intolerable behaviour by either spouse breaks the marriage bond.have a bond: be bound by, be linked by, be united by, have, shareWhile in India, the Dragoons will be making a special visit to a regiment that they share a special bond with.
Nouns frequently used after bond of
affection, friendship, love, trustOn an individual level extremely strong bonds of friendship are forged, that transcend social barriers.
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