bonus collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbəʊnəs/

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an extra, unexpected benefit

Adjectives frequently used with bonus
extra: added, additional, extra, specialFor bird-watchers these islands provide the added bonus of a selection of species not found anywhere else.bringing real benefits: big, definite, great, huge, realThe car parking facility is a huge bonus when staying in London.pleasing to get: nice, unexpected, welcomeThe title story alone is worth the cover price – the high quality of the accompanying tales is merely a welcome bonus.

extra money you are paid for your work

Verbs frequently used with bonus
have or get a bonus: earn, get, have, receiveHe will receive the performance-related bonuses in cash.give a bonus: award, give, offer, payA Christmas bonus was paid to all employees in the form of a profit-sharing scheme.
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