booking collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbʊkɪŋ/

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an arrangement made to buy a ticket, stay at a hotel etc

Adjectives frequently used with booking
made in a particular way: electronic, online, postal, telephoneThere is a €1.50 per ticket fee for online bookings.made at a particular time: advance, early, late, priorSpaces are very limited and advance booking is essential.
Nouns frequently used before booking
flight, holiday, hotel, room, travelI arranged the flights and made my hotel bookings over the internet.
Verbs frequently used with booking
make a booking: confirm, make, secureAll new users must register on the system before they can make a room booking.receive a booking: accept, receive, takeBookings are only taken for large groups or coach trips.cancel a booking: cancelTo cancel any booking made via the internet, please call the centre where the booking was made.
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