boom collocations and examples

 UK /buːm/

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a big increase in economic activity

Adjectives frequently used with boom
lasting a long time: long, prolongedThe long post-war boom came to an end with the recession of 1974–75.on a large scale: big, immense, massive, unprecedentedIreland enjoyed one of Europe’s biggest property booms.
Nouns frequently used before boom
building, construction, consumer, dotcom, export, housing, market, price, propertyThe London housing market boom is not only continuing, but is actually getting stronger.
Verbs frequently used with boom
experience a boom: enjoy, experience, see, witnessGermany experienced an economic boom as her economy prospered.The West Coast is witnessing a boom in the development and use of electric vehicles.create a boom: create, fuel, lead to, spark, triggerThese investment analysts are held responsible for fuelling the boom in technology-related stocks.
Nouns frequently used after boom in
demand, industry, market, prices, sales, trade, travelFor those at the bottom of the housing market, a boom in property prices can be a source of particular hardship.
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