boost collocations and examples

 UK /buːst/

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something that helps to improve business, confidence etc

Adjectives frequently used with boost
large: big, great, huge, major, massive, real, significant, tremendousBeing able to monitor whether a customer is in danger from CO fumes could be a massive boost in the fight to improve safety.pleasing: much-needed, timely, welcomeThe chancellor has given charities a welcome boost.extra: added, extra, furtherIt has given many people the extra boost in confidence they have needed in order to successfully apply for permanent work.
Nouns frequently used before boost
cash, confidence, energy, funding, morale, performanceFour Sussex-based charities have received a cash boost from the proceeds of the Shoreham Port open day.
Verbs frequently used with boost
give a boost: deliver, give, provideThe scheme has been given another boost by increased government funding.get a boost: gain, get, receiveLabour received a boost with a separate poll giving it a ten point lead over the SNP.
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