born collocations and examples

 UK /bɔː(r)n/

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(be born) start to live

Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with born
bred, brought up, educated, raised, rearedShe was born and bred in Oldham, Lancashire.
Adverbs frequently used with born
early, late, newly, prematurelyMillions of newly born children every year die from disease, especially in the developing world.

used for emphasizing someone’s natural ability to do a particular thing

Nouns frequently used with born
communicator, entertainer, leader, performer, storyteller, winner, worrierShe’s a born performer, and went to drama classes from the age of seven.

happening as the result of something

Nouns frequently used after born of
desire, desperation, experience, fear, frustration, ignorance, love, necessityWe need to challenge prejudice, which is so often born of ignorance.
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