boundary collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbaʊnd(ə)ri/

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a line dividing two areas of land

Adjectives frequently used with boundary
of a particular type: administrative, electoral, geographic, geographical, national, territorialCommunications technology has enabled businesses to operate efficiently across national boundaries.not natural: artificialThe boundaries that were drawn between countries by the colonial powers were often artificial.
Nouns frequently used before boundary
borough, city, constituency, county, field, parish, wardWith time the parish boundaries would change.
Verbs frequently used with boundary
form or mark a boundary: delineate, draw, establish, form, mark, redraw, setThe River Lee also marks the traditional boundary between Middlesex and Essex.go across a boundary: cross, straddleThe village straddles the boundary between England and Wales.
Nouns frequently used after boundary
fence, line, marker, stone, wallOwnership of boundary fences may be shown on the deeds of a property.

the limits an of activity or experience

Adjectives frequently used with boundary
artificial, cultural, departmental, disciplinary, jurisdictional, organizational, traditionalThe University is supportive of research across disciplinary boundaries.
Verbs frequently used with boundary
define a boundary: define, establishWe need to establish the boundaries between the two departments.push back or go beyond a boundary: cross, cut across, expand, extend, overstep, push, push back, transcendThe subject cuts across traditional boundaries.make a boundary less clear: blurThe work blurs the boundaries between fiction and fact.
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