boycott collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbɔɪˌkɒt/

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an act of not buying or using something, as a form of protest

Adjectives frequently used with boycott
in a particular area: global, international, national, nationwide, worldwideA nationwide boycott of the election was called for.types of boycott: academic, active, consumer, cultural, economic, massAn economic boycott of the Soviet Union would have been pointless.
Nouns frequently used before boycott
consumer, store, tradeThe trade boycott was approved by Congress.
Verbs frequently used with boycott
suggest a boycott: call for, propose, threaten, urgeEnvironmental campaigners have urged a boycott of all the company’s products.organize a boycott: impose, launch, organizeThey organized a successful boycott of a number of the firm’s products.join a boycott: join, supportThe group actively supported the boycott of the business.end a boycott: end, liftAfter three long and difficult years, the boycott was lifted.
Nouns frequently used after boycott of
business: business, company, goods, products, shop, storeThe union proposed a consumer boycott of the shops.election: election, referendumThe party threatened to support a boycott of the referendum.
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