bracket collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbrækɪt/

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one of a pair of symbols ( )

Adjectives frequently used with bracket
angle, closing, curly, left, opening, right, round, squareEach answer is followed by the author’s initials in square brackets.
Verbs frequently used with bracket
use brackets: enclose something in, give something in, insert, place something in, put something in, show something in, useWrite the words out in full the first time you use them and put the abbreviation in close brackets: close, openDon’t forget to close the brackets at the end of your repeat command.

a group you divide people or things into

Adjectives frequently used with bracket
high, low, middle, top, upperThis was the movie that placed him in the top bracket of Hollywood stars.
Nouns frequently used before bracket
age, income, price, salary, taxThere are five million people in that age bracket , making it one of the most influential groups in the UK.
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