brain collocations and examples

 UK /breɪn/

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the organ in your head for thinking and feeling

Verbs frequently used with brain
activate, affect, damage, injure, stimulate
Nouns frequently used after brain
damage or diseases affecting the brain: damage, disorder, haemorrhage, injury, lesion, tumourAlexandra’s mother died of a brain tumour at the age of of the brain: cell, stem, tissueAlzheimer’s disease slowly destroys brain cells.medical treatment for the brain: imaging, scan, surgeryI had to go to hospital for a brain scan.activity in the brain: activity, function, wavesAfter doing some tests, they found that he had no brain activity.

mental ability or intelligence

Adjectives frequently used with brain
quick, sharpHer brain was still sharp.

Usage note

The form brains is common, especially in the v+N combination: You need to use your brains in this job.

Verbs frequently used with brain
have, pick someone’s, rack, take, useI racked my brains, trying to think what on earth to do.
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