bread collocations and examples

 UK /bred/

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a food made from flour, water, and yeast

Adjectives frequently used with bread
types of bread: brown, French, granary, home-baked, homemade, naan, organic, pitta, rye, sliced, unleavened, white, wholegrain, wholemealPeople in poorer households are less likely to eat fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, and other more healthy foods.fresh: fresh, fresh baked, freshly baked, warmThere is a delivery of fresh bread to the village every day.not fresh: mouldy, staleThis bread is stale already.
Verbs frequently used with bread
bake, butter, cut, eat, make, slice, toast
Nouns + of frequently used before bread
chunk, crust, hunk, loaf, piece, sliceShe had to go out to buy a pint of milk and a small loaf of bread.
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