breakdown collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbreɪkˌdaʊn/

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a situation in which something fails

Adjectives frequently used with breakdown
serious or complete: complete, irretrievable, serious, totalThe turnout in the polls today reflects a serious breakdown in trust between politicians and voters.type of breakdown: marital, mentalCounselling can help in major life events such as marital breakdown.
Nouns frequently used before breakdown
communication, family, marriage, relationshipI didn’t want the children to suffer in any way because of the breakdown of our marriage.
Verbs frequently used with breakdown
cause a breakdown: cause, lead toThis decision led to a total breakdown of their relationship.prevent a breakdown: avoid, preventThe aim is to support you as a family and prevent any family breakdown.
Nouns frequently used after breakdown in
communication, law and order, negotiations, relations, relationship, system, trustHe denied that there had been a breakdown in communication between himself and his client.
Nouns frequently used after breakdown of
relationship: communication, family, marriage, relationship, trustAre you struggling with life after relationship breakdown, separation, or divorce?discussion: negotiations, talksThe breakdown of the talks came sooner than had been expected.
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