breakfast collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbrekfəst/

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the first meal eaten in the morning

Adjectives frequently used with breakfast
including cooked food: cooked, English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh, fried, full, hot, traditionalPrices from £20 per person/night (includes full breakfast).with no cooked food: cold, continentalA cooked or continental breakfast can be enjoyed in an elegant dining room.big: big, hearty, substantialThey served a hearty breakfast in their sunny dining room.small: light, smallTraditional or lighter breakfasts are available.not hurried: leisurelyWe enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the balcony.
Verbs frequently used with breakfast
eat breakfast: eat, get, haveLet’s get some breakfast before we start.I had my breakfast: I disturbed no one and no one disturbed me.choose not to eat breakfast: miss, skipDwaine quickly put on his school uniform, ran downstairs, skipped breakfast and went to school whistling.cook or serve breakfast: cook, get, make, prepare, provide, serveI had to get my own breakfast that morning.
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