breakthrough collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbreɪkθruː/

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a discovery or achievement that comes after hard work

Adjectives frequently used with breakthrough
important: big, crucial, great, historic, important, major, real, significantThis could be the biggest breakthrough in malaria treatment of our generation.of a particular type: medical, scientific, technical, technologicalProgress toward medical breakthroughs is typically painstaking.
Nouns frequently used before breakthrough
research, technologyIt marks a major technology breakthrough for pupils who are blind or partially sighted.
Verbs frequently used with breakthrough
achieve a breakthrough: achieve, make, produceHer recent work is making breakthroughs in the investigation of genetic a breakthrough: be, herald, mark, representThe discovery of the first antibiotic marked a breakthrough in modern medicine.
Verbs that frequently follow breakthrough
come, happen, occurThe real breakthrough came when the scientists made a second discovery.
Nouns frequently used after breakthrough
for an actor or musician: album, film, hit, performance, roleOverheated tempers lead to a race riot in Spike Lee’s breakthrough science or business: discovery, innovation, product, technologyThis breakthrough innovation allows a car to be driven for 120 miles at 50 mph with a tyre at zero pressure.
Verbs + as frequently used before breakthrough
hail, herald, regardThese developments are being hailed as major scientific breakthroughs.
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