breeze collocations and examples

 UK /briːz/

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a light wind

Adjectives frequently used with breeze
slight: gentle, light, slight, softIt was still pleasantly warm but with a cooling, gentle breeze.powerful: brisk, fresh, stiff, strongThe course was made more difficult by the stiff breeze.pleasant: pleasantIt was a very warm day, relieved by a pleasant breeze.cold: chilly, cold, cool, coolingA cool breeze blew in from the moors.The sky is bright blue and a cooling breeze keeps the temperature down.warm: balmy, mild, warmThe wonderful warm weather and balmy sea breezes have given me a real appetite for life.from a particular direction: northerly, southerly etcA persistent north-westerly breeze continued and gave a fresh feel to the day.from/towards the sea: offshore, onshoreThe cliffs provide shelter from the onshore breeze.
Verbs that frequently follow breeze
move: blow, drift, sweep, waftA warm sea breeze blew right through the building.touch or move something: caress, fan, rustle, stirThe breeze stirred the trees.
Verbs + in frequently used before breeze
blow, dance, flap, flutter, rustle, sway, swing, waveThe ribbon fluttered and danced in the breeze.
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