brink collocations and examples

 UK /brɪŋk/

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the point when something is about to happen

Nouns frequently used after brink of
something bad: bankruptcy, catastrophe, collapse, despair, destruction, disaster, extinction, insanity, madness, recession, starvation, warThe government was on the brink of collapse.something good: breakthrough, greatness, success, victoryBut last season his talent took him to the brink of victory over the reigning champion.
Verbs + from frequently used before brink
move away from the brink: be brought back, be pulled back, come back, pull back, step backLet us hope the world pulls back from the brink of disaster.
Verbs + on frequently used before brink
be on the brink: be, be poised, stand, teeter, totterThe company is tottering on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse.
Verbs + to frequently used before brink
cause something to be on the brink: bring, drive, pushHer company was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy.
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