broadcast collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbrɔːdˌkɑːst/

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a programme on radio or television, or seen on the internet

Adjectives frequently used with broadcast
showing events as they happen: liveIt was the first time an opera had been shown in a live broadcast on the internet.not made in a studio: outsideMost of the work is studio-based but it may also include outside broadcasts, depending on the production.shown on the internet: online, webOur webinars are online broadcasts of seminars covering a wide range of topics.
Verbs frequently used with broadcast
receive a broadcast: hear, receive, see, watchOne group of strikers was watching a local news broadcast.make a broadcast: give, make, produce, recordThe group have given regular radio broadcasts.He made several broadcasts for Radio Luxembourg.make a broadcast available: beam, show, transmitEarlier this year the BBC refused to show the broadcast, which included pictures of the killings.
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