bug collocations and examples

 UK /bʌɡ/

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a minor infectious illness

Adjectives frequently used with bug
flu, food poisoning, sickness, stomach, tummy, vomitingIf you do come down with a food poisoning bug, here’s how to spot it.
Verbs frequently used with bug
catch, come down with, get, have, pick up, recover from, suffer fromTell her I’ve got a stomach bug or something.

a minor fault in a computer system or program

Adjectives frequently used with bug
known, major, minor, seriousThe user should look for minor bugs in the system.
Verbs frequently used with bug
find and tell someone about a bug: discover, encounter, find, report, spotHow do I report a bug?have a bug: contain, haveIf this file contains a bug you’ll have problems.fix a bug: correct, eliminate, fix, iron out, removeMost programmers I know think it is impossible to totally eliminate bugs.If the bugs were ironed out, it would be a lot more fun.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with bug
error, glitch, problemIt plays pretty well, with minimal glitches and bugs.

a sudden strong enthusiasm for doing something

Verbs frequently used with bug
be bitten by, catch, getHe grew up without ever catching the video games bug.
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