bullet collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbʊlɪt/

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a small piece of metal shot from a gun

Adjectives frequently used with bullet
fatal, live, speeding, strayA stray bullet from a drive-by shooting had hit her in the chest.
Verbs frequently used with bullet
fire a bullet: aim, fire, put, shootHe had put a bullet through his head.when a bullet hits someone or something: be riddled with, deflect, takeThey had been shot at close range; their bodies were riddled with bullets.In a stroke of good fortune the bullet was deflected by the camera slung round his neck.The security guard had taken a bullet intended for the president.get out of the way of a bullet: dodge, duckThey had to dodge bullets from snipers when they emerged from their homes to get water.
Verbs that frequently follow bullet
move through the air: fly, whistle, whizzA bullet whizzed past my head.hit someone or something: enter, graze, hit, penetrate, pierce, ricochet, shatter, strike, woundWe could hear the bullets ricocheting off the rocks around us.Her foot was shattered by bullets.not hit someone or something: missThe bullet missed him by an inch or so.
Nouns + of frequently used before bullet
hail, stream, volleyThe gang were trapped in a hail of police bullets as they tried to make their escape.
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