bureaucratic collocations and examples

 UK /ˌbjʊərəˈkrætɪk/

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involving many complicated rules, details, and processes, especially official processes

Adverbs frequently used with bureaucratic
very: extremely, heavily, highly, increasingly, veryWe have highly bureaucratic rules for filling in forms.more than necessary: excessively, overly, too, unduly, unnecessarilyThe UN has become excessively bureaucratic and slow.
Nouns frequently used with bureaucratic
process or system: apparatus, procedure, process, structure, systemLeave all the bureaucratic procedures to our professionals.problems or difficulties: bungling, burden, hurdles, inefficiency, inertia, interference, nightmare, obstaclesWe now have a bureaucratic nightmare involving six different departments.
Verbs frequently used with bureaucratic
be, becomeIn the post-war period, the regime became increasingly bureaucratic.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with bureaucratic
burdensome, complicated, costly, cumbersome, expensive, slow, unnecessary, wastefulThe procedure for issuing licences is cumbersome and bureaucratic.
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