bus collocations and examples

 UK /bʌs/

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a large road vehicle for passengers

Verbs frequently used with bus
take a bus: catch, get, go by, go on, ride, take, travel byIf I go by bus, it takes an hour.The easiest thing would be to go on the bus.get on a bus: board, climb on/aboard, get on, jump onIt took several minutes for everyone to board the bus.wait for a bus: queue for, wait forWe didn’t have to wait long for a bus.get off a bus: alight from, get offIt was time to get off the bus.miss a bus: missOnly once did I miss the last bus back to camp.provide buses: lay on, operate, runThey even laid on buses to take the children home.We run some 400 buses, mostly on local bus services.
Verbs that frequently follow bus
travel: go, run, travelBuses run every 90 minutes.go between places: connect, link, operate, serveInfrequent buses serve the rural area.arrive: arrive, pull up, stopHe ran up to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.carry passengers: carry, pick someone upAt 4 pm the bus picked us up at our hotel.
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