busy collocations and examples

 UK /ˈbɪzi/

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when there are a lot of things to do

Adverbs frequently used with busy
very: exceptionally, extremely, frantically, increasingly, incredibly, particularly, really, so, veryHe’s an incredibly busy chap.rather: fairly, pretty informal, quite, ratherIt has been a fairly busy few months.always: always, constantlyRick was constantly busy with his recording and acting careers.
Nouns frequently used with busy
lifestyle: life, lifestyle, scheduleThese days most of us have a busy schedule.time: day, month, period, time, week, weekendAs usual I’ve had a busy weekend.
Verbs frequently used with busy
be, keep, keep someone, look, seem, stayYou’ll feel better if you try and keep busy.The children kept her busy all weekend.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with busy
negative characteristics: demanding, hectic, stressful, tiredThings are so busy and hectic here at the moment.positive characteristics: active, exciting, productive, variedIt’s important to keep active and busy in retirement.
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