cabinet collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkæbɪnət/

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the senior members of a government

Verbs frequently used with cabinet
form/choose a cabinet: appoint, appoint someone to, assemble, choose, elect, formThe winning party chose its prime minister, who in turn appointed his cabinet.join/be in a cabinet: enter, join, return to, serve inShe had served in the US cabinet several years back, and is now back in the administration.leave a cabinet: leave, quit informal, resign fromchange the membership: reshuffleHe immediately reshuffled his cabinet.
Nouns frequently used after cabinet
members of a cabinet: colleague, committee, member, minister, official, secretary, spokesmanThe initial decision was made by a cabinet committee chaired by the finance minister.Cabinet Members received additional briefings.a job in a cabinet: position, post, seatWhy does he feel the need to resign from his cabinet post?when the members of a cabinet are changed: reshuffleIn the cabinet reshuffle, home secretary Charles Clarke was replaced by defence secretary John Reid.
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