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 UK /kæmˈpeɪn/

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a plan to produce social or political change

Adjectives frequently used with campaign
done with great energy: aggressive, concerted, hard-hitting, high-profile, intensive, major, mass, massive, relentless, vigorousA concerted campaign is needed to get rid of negative attitudes to mental illness.successful: effective, successfulWhy was the campaign so successful?long: long-running, ongoing, sustainedThe researchers are calling for a sustained public health campaign to raise awareness of the link between smoking and blindness.advertising: ad, advertising, marketing, promotion, promotionalThe advertisements were released as part of the album’s promotional campaign.election: election, electoral, presidential, re-electionClinton was exhausted in the last days of his presidential campaigns.
Nouns frequently used before campaign
for telling people about something: awareness, awareness-raising, publicityThey want a high profile publicity campaign to warn of the dangers of driving too fast.for giving people false information: disinformation, propaganda, smear, whisperingIn 1917, Grosz joined with John Heartfield in protesting about the German wartime propaganda campaign against the allies.He says he was the victim of a smear campaign.using particular methods: leafleting, letter-writing, media, poster, pressThe newspaper is supporting the hunt for the killer with a poster campaign appealing for witnesses.for getting people to work for you: recruitmentThe Department of Health have launched a recruitment campaign to attract people to working in Social Care or Social Work.for raising money: fundraisingDiane and Peter started a fundraising campaign which was widely supported in the town.
Verbs frequently used with campaign
start a campaign: begin, embark on, implement, initiate, kick-start, launch, mount, start, undertakeThe Department of Health will launch a campaign to encourage people to be tested for hepatitis C involved in a campaign: be involved in, conduct, engage in, fight, help with, join, participate in, take part in, wageStudents in in Turkey are waging an international campaign for the release of the student leaders.lead a campaign: co-ordinate, front, lead, manage, orchestrate, run, spearheadShe has spearheaded a campaign on food quality and nutritional a campaign: back, endorse, get behind, supportA leading business pressure group is backing a campaign to safeguard the British honeybee for a campaign: contribute to, finance, fund, pay forWe rely on the support of people like you to fund our campaign.plan a campaign: mastermind, organise, planThe campaign was organised by police.tell people about a campaign: promote, publicizeConsider organising public events to publicise your campaign and increase support.

a plan to win a war

Adjectives frequently used with campaign
aggressive, intensive, major, massive, relentless, sustainedIt is the most sustained bombing campaign since the Second World War.
Verbs frequently used with campaign
be in involved in a campaign: conduct, continue, engage in, fight, take part in, wageU.S. and British forces waged a four-day campaign against Iraq during Operation Desert Fox.start a campaign: begin, embark on, launch, mount, startFederal forces launched a campaign to re-establish control over the territory.
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