campaigner collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkæmˈpeɪnə(r)/

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someone who tries to produce political or social change

Adjectives frequently used with campaigner
experienced: experienced, long-time, seasoned, veteranThey are seasoned campaigners who spent years documenting and highlighting cases of state abuse.hard-working: active, tirelessAlan was a tireless campaigner for peace.for something: animal rights, civil rights, human rights, peace, pro-life, safetyDespite protests from pro-life campaigners, the legislature voted to allow abortion in a number of cases.against something: anti-abortion, anti-fascist, anti-globalization, anti-nuclear, anti-poverty, anti-racist, anti-smoking, anti-warAnti-nuclear campaigners are criticising the plan to build more nuclear power plants.environmental: environmental, greenGreen campaigners argue the new plane will cause more noise and pollution.
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