cancer collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkænsə(r)/

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a serious illness caused by uncontrolled cell growth

Adjectives frequently used with cancer
not yet serious: early, early-stage, localized, primaryPeople with this localized cancer may go on to live normal lives for to be treated: curable, operable, treatableBowel cancer is one of the most treatable cancers.spreading and dangerous: advanced, aggressive, invasive, secondaryInvasive breast cancer is cancer that has spread from the breast to the surrounding tissue.difficult/impossible to treat: incurable, inoperable, terminal
Nouns frequently used before cancer
bowel, breast, cervical, colon, etc, lung, ovarian, prostate, skin, stomachShe was concerned about her risk of developing ovarian cancer.
Verbs frequently used with cancer
have cancer: battle, fight, have, suffer, suffer fromHe has cancer and is going to have surgery.get cancer: contract, develop, getWhat are my chances of developing cancer?cause cancer: cause, induce, lead to, triggerThese fibres can induce cancer, but it is not known how.prevent or help to prevent cancer: combat, prevent, protect againstThere are no magic foods that will prevent cancer.find cancer: detect, diagnose, findDelay in diagnosing cancer can have serious effects.treat/cure cancer: cure, treatThere have been great improvements in the way cancer is treated.recover from cancer: beat informal, overcome, recover from, surviveShe has already beaten cancer once.die from cancer: die from, die of, succumb toShe died from lung cancer 6 months later.
Verbs that frequently follow cancer
appear and develop: arise, develop, grow, occur, spread, strikeThis type of cancer occurs mainly in older people.The cancer had spread to the surrounding tissues.return: come back, recur, returnHis cancer had returned.
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