candidate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkændɪdeɪt/UK /ˈkændɪdət/

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a person competing for a job, political position etc

Adjectives frequently used with candidate
successful/unsuccessful: successful, unsuccessful, winningThe successful candidate will be enthusiastic and work well in a team.most likely to be succeed: likely, obvious, preferred, primeHe is seen as the prime candidate for the position of Chancellor.possible: possible, potential, prospective, shortlistedWe have recently been selecting prospective candidates for the local elections in May.good: good, ideal, promising, right, strong, suitableI feel that I am an ideal candidate for the job.for a particular position: mayoral, parliamentary, presidential, vice-presidentialFour years later he became the party’s presidential candidate.
Verbs frequently used with candidate
choose a candidate: choose, elect, select, select someone as, short-listCandidates who are short-listed will have to attend an interview.offer someone as a candidate: field, standThe Green Party is fielding only 114 candidates.suggest a candidate: nominate, nominate someone as, recommend, suggestWe ask you to nominate suitable a candidate: be, stand asHe stood as a candidate for the Liberal Party in the last election.
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