capacity collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈpæsəti/

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the amount something can contain or produce

Adjectives frequently used with capacity
more than is needed: additional, excess, extra, spareSome off-street car parks have spare capacity.maximum: full, maximum, totalThe maximum seating capacity for the vehicle is eight.large: high, large, unlimitedTheir washing machines have a large capacity.enough: adequate, sufficientThe water companies must have sufficient capacity to meet water demand.
Nouns frequently used before capacity
for containing/carrying something: airport, carrying, holding, load, memory, runway, seating, storageStorage capacity must be calculated against the number of animals in the farm.for producing something: generating, manufacturing, processing, production, refiningThe government had plans to quadruple its nuclear generating capacity by the year 2020.
Verbs frequently used with capacity
have capacity: have, possessYour hard drive might have a capacity of 10 GB.increase capacity: boost, build, develop, double, enhance, expand, improve, increase, strengthenThey want to extend the length of the pipeline and increase its larger than available capacity: exceed, outstripThe audience greatly exceeded the capacity of the hall.reduce capacity: limit, reduceAs the arteries become diseased their capacity is reduced.
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