capital collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkæpɪt(ə)l/

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money for starting a business or investing

Adjectives frequently used with capital
for starting a business: initial, seed, start-up, ventureHow do I raise the start-up capital to run a small business?for ordinary daily use: workingMore volume can also mean more working capital.more than is needed: surplusThese institutions prefer companies to return surplus capital to shareholders.
Verbs frequently used with capital
get capital: accumulate, acquire, borrow, raiseBoth couples sold their homes to raise the capital for the purchase.provide/invest capital: allocate, employ, inject, invest, provideWill the government refuse to provide the capital for hospital building?make capital available: issue, release, unlockOne of the partners wanted to release her capital from the business.make capital unavailable: tie upMany retired people have a lot of their capital tied up in property.reduce the value of capital: deplete, erode, reduceHigh inflation erodes the capital of financial institutions.attract capital: attractRussia needed to attract foreign capital to develop its oil and gas industries.

valuable resources apart from money

Adjectives frequently used with capital
cultural, human, intellectual, moral, political, socialThis group of interviewees saw education in terms of the building of cultural capital.
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