capture collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkæptʃə(r)/

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the act of catching a prisoner

Adjectives frequently used with capture
at a particular time: eventual, imminent, recent, subsequentThe DNA evidence led to his eventual capture.successful: successfulThe government announced the successful capture of the party’s leader.
Verbs frequently used with capture
avoid capture: avoid, elude, escape, evadeOf the seven crew, only two managed to evade capture.result in someone’s capture: culminate in, lead to, result inThe operation resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers .

the process of recording digital information

Adjectives frequently used with capture
good/fast: accurate, efficient, rapid, successfulThe accurate capture of customer information is crucial to the success of any organisation.electronic: automated, automatic, digital, electronicMany companies have moved to electronic capture and processing of paper-based invoices.
Nouns frequently used before capture
audio, data, document, image, videoAngela is in charge of data capture.
Verbs frequently used with capture
allow, automate, enable, ensure, facilitate, supportWe offer a complete solution for automating the capture and processing of patient data.
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