car collocations and examples

 UK /kɑː(r)/

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a vehicle for one driver and a few passengers

Verbs frequently used with car
drive a car: control, drive, manoeuvre, reverse, steerWho was driving the car when the accident happened?get into/get out of a car: clamber into, climb into, get in, get into, get out of, jump in, jump into, pile intoA police officer stopped me and asked me to get out of the car.On Sunday evening, we all piled into the car for the journey home to Madrid.force someone to get into a car: bundle someone intoWe noticed someone being bundled into a police car.leave a car somewhere: abandon, dump, leave, parkThey park their cars and then walk over the bridge to their offices.damage or crash a car: bump, crash, damage, dent, overturn, scratchI nearly crashed my car this morning.damage a car so badly that it cannot be fixed: total, wreck, write offHe and his brother Jake stole and totalled a fancy sports car.fix a car: fix, mend, repair, tinker with, work onI see them tinkering with old cars outside the something illegal to a car: break into, nick informal, steal, vandalizeThe thief may have lost his hat when breaking into a car.My brothers and sisters were always in trouble – nicking cars, getting into fights, that kind of thing.
Verbs that frequently follow car
hit something or someone: collide with, crash into, drive into, go into, hit, reverse intoWe braked suddenly, and the car behind went into the back of us.Mr Evans was crossing the road when he was hit by a car.go faster: accelerate, speed upSuddenly the car accelerated backwards, straight over the policeman’s leg.go very fast: hurtle, race, speedTalbot awakes in the back of a car, hurtling down a deserted road.move out of control: career, flip over, skid, slide, spin, swerveHe stepped on the brakes and the car skidded making a full circle.go slower/stop: slow down, stopShe stopped to watch, and saw other cars stop too.go backwards: back up, reverseI was briefly aware of a car reversing out of a driveway.stop working: break downWhat will we do if the car breaks down?
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