carbon collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɑː(r)bən/

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the gas carbon dioxide, in relation to its effects on the environment

Verbs frequently used with carbon
remove/store carbon: absorb, remove, sequester, storeTrees remove carbon from the atmosphere.produce carbon: burn, emit, produce, releaseThis car emits more carbon than any other car in the UK.reduce carbon: cut, reduce, saveHow will reducing their carbon affect the way they use transport?balance the effect of producing carbon: offsetIf you just have to get away – then there is always the option of offsetting carbon.
Nouns frequently used after carbon
capture, credit, economy, emissions, footprint, reduction, saving, sink, tradingHow can I reduce my carbon footprint?We are producing too much greenhouse gas to be absorbed by plants and other carbon sinks.

Usage note

carbon neutral

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