care collocations and examples

 UK /keə(r)/

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effort to avoid mistakes or harm

Adjectives frequently used with care
great: extra, extreme, great, meticulous, special, the utmostThese delicate flowers must be treated with the utmost care.enough: due, proper, reasonableCyclists are required to show due care to pedestrians.Make sure you take proper care of your pet.
Verbs frequently used with care
take care: exercise, takeTake extra care if anyone in your family is ill.need care: need, requireThis is an area where extreme care is required.

looking after someone who is sick

Adjectives frequently used with care
medical: ante-natal, health, maternity, medical, nursing, post-operative, primary, specialistThe PCT provides nursing care in patients ’ homes out of normal working hours.when someone is dangerously ill: acute, emergency, intensiveThese babies need complex intensive care, specialist equipment and much longer stays in hospital
Verbs frequently used with care
deliver, offer, provideNurses are accountable to the Chief Nurse, who is responsible for the standards of care delivered to patients.
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