cargo collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɑː(r)ɡəʊ/

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goods sent by ship, plane, train, or truck

Adjectives frequently used with cargo
valuable: precious, valuablePeople cheered as the SS Ohio was towed into harbour with its precious cargo.dangerous: dangerous, deadly, hazardous, high-riskEnsure the ferry company has been notified of any dangerous substances or hazardous cargoes.of people: humanThe slaves were forcibly transported as human cargo across the Atlantic.types of cargo: bulk, dry, heavy, liquidApproximately 90 % of nonbulk, dry and liquid cargo is transported by containers.
Verbs frequently used with cargo
carry cargo: carry, haul, ship, transportThe Portuguese and Spanish bosses hired planes to ship their cargoes.take cargo off: deliver, discharge, land, offload, unloadWe immediately started unloading cargo once we had tied up.put cargo on: load, take onThe vessel loaded her cargo of corn and proceeded without incident to with cargo: handleThe amount of cargo handled by the airport has doubled to 774 tons.
Nouns frequently used after cargo
vehicle that carries cargo: aircraft, boat, carrier, liner, plane, ship, truck, vesselBy the 1860s, cargo ships were being made from iron and powered by steam where cargo is kept: bay, compartment, container, holdIt was found that water was leaking into the main cargo hold and from there the disaster of moving cargo: flight, handling, operation, shipmentMore efficient cargo handling meant that costs were reduced and it was safer for both the men and ships.
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